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Prayana is a sanskrit word that has meanings like; starting, a journey, progress. The path of life. The perfect name of our studio we thought. Our lives are a big journey, traveling the world as digital nomads. Our online studio started to take form in recent travels in Brazil.

We take you on a journey. Whether it is to define your brand strategy, create a brand identity, rebranding, a sales campaign or new website. You name it, we take you there.

We are not just an ordinary design studio. We are passionate about making an impact and most of all we want to help you make an impact. Bringing across your vision and message in an authentic, meaningful yet powerful way.

I am Jessica, founder of Prayana Design and currently living with my partner and baby girl in The Netherlands. With 12+ years of experience in the field of graphic design and degrees in both Graphic Design and Fashion Promotion, I am able to offer clients the complete package. 

I have invested a lot of time and money in my self-development the past 4 years which really payed off in my social life, relationship and working career. This has given me the perfect toolkit for helping clients in the coaching and wellness field as I know it inside out. Feeling and tuning in with your vision and intention is like second nature for me which saves a lot of time and money for both parties!

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Our Impact

Making an impact is a life purpose for us. It’s how we find meaning in what we do, also in a professional way. We want to contribute to a better world, creating more awareness and consciousness. We love partnering with brands, individuals and businesses with the same vision. We focus on those that also help others, to grow, to improve themselves, whether being in the field of coaching, wellness, spiritual, self-care or relationship guidance. Non-profit companies, sustainable fashion, organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free products or charities. 

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