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How we’ll work together

All design work created by Prayana Design [PD] is subject to the following terms and conditions. Please ensure you understand them before commencing any design project. If you have any questions about anything contained in these terms and conditions please contact PD for clarification prior to placing your order. By placing an order, you as a client are entering a legally binding contract for services and agree to these terms and conditions.



PD can be reached by email (prayanadesign@outlook.com) and phone
(+31 626271015). PD will try to get back to you within 48 hours. 


Design ownership

Any design options that are sent to you during the design process are owned by PD and permission is not given for them to be reproduced by anyone else, or to be posted to social media. Once a design is approved and fully paid for, you, the client, will own the finished design. This does not include the working files. Unused design concepts remain the property of PD and may be used for other clients in the future. PD retains personal rights for the use of completed projects as examples in their design portfolio and marketing materials (unless other arrangements have been made). 



The design fee includes the specified number of revisions in the package chosen. Additional revisions or alterations are charged at a fixed or hourly rate, depending on the project.



Any images supplied to PD for use in a design project must be high resolution and accompanied by appropriate written approval of the photographer. PD will not be responsible for any legal issues or copyright breaches as a result of the use or printing of supplied images. PD can source high resolution stock images with the correct commercial licence rights on your behalf, PD requires full payment prior to approved images being downloaded. PD is not responsible for colour variation occurring if the image requires conversion from RGB to CMYK. 


Approval of Artwork

Whilst PD takes all care to avoid errors, PD is not responsible for any spelling, grammatical, typographical errors, omissions or incorrect information in the final product. It is the client’s responsibility to thoroughly check all proofs and give their approval via email before the final work will be released to the client and/or sent to print upon payment being received. Any changes that are required post approval will incur an additional design fee to cover the time it takes to make the changes. 


File Supply

Logo files are supplied electronically to the client in print and web-friendly formats. Print files will be supplied as high resolution PDFs with crop marks. If other file types are required please specify when asking for a quote. If unsure of the file type required please explain your planned use. All original artwork and source files remain the property of PD unless otherwise arranged; there will be a fee for supply of original artwork and source files. All supplied artwork can only be used for its intended purchase, and must not be altered.


PD cannot be held responsible for the loss of any files sent to the client. The client is responsible for keeping their files. We recommend saving them in multiple places after receiving them from us. 


Colour Variation

Please note there may be colour variation between the screen and final product. This occurs due to differences in the way colours are managed on the screen (RGB) and print (CMYK). Screen proofing is not indicative of the final print result, printed colours can vary between printing companies, jobs and different print runs. PD will not be responsible for any colour variations on printing as these factors are beyond control.



– The client agrees to pay a 25% deposit to secure a project start date. This deposit secures the project into PD ‘s schedule. The deposit is non-refundable, and can only be used for the specified project.
– One week prior to the commencement of the design project another 25% is due.
– Remaining two payments of 25% will usually be due one month after the last payment and/or at the end of a project.
– If client feedback takes longer than three (3) weeks PD reserves the right to invoice for work created thus far. The balance is payable before the release of final files.
– No refunds on any payments made possible.
– Any additional charges (stock images, non-standard typefaces, printing etc.) are due at the time they are incurred and must be paid for upfront. 

– Payments are due fourteen (14) days from the issuance of the invoice, unless otherwise arranged. A two-and-a-half percent (2.5%) monthly service charge will be billed against overdue invoices/late payments. 

– It is not possible to pause a project. A project delayed or stagnated for more than 3 months will automatically be considered cancelled and the client will need to rebook and sign a new contract to continue the project. 

– When a deadline in the project timeline is missed by the client (with the exception of rare situations) a 10% penalty over the total project price will be added to the upcoming bill. 


– At any time we might raise our pricing or hourly rate. This does not affect any packages already purchased, unless the project gets cancelled and needs to be restarted. 


Payment Options

Currencies accepted are: Euro€

Bank transfers are preferred. Wise.com or PayPal transfers are also possible on request.

Payment details will be provided on the invoice.

Transfer costs are always paid by the client. 

Cancellations / Refunds

You, the client, and PD may determine to cancel a design job at any time, if the design work/relationship is thought to be unsatisfactory by either party. Written confirmation is required for any cancellation. 50% of the deposit is non-refundable once the design process has commenced, this is deemed to have occurred on receipt of a completed design brief and agreement on the design quote from the client and once sketching or designs have started. If a design project is cancelled by the client prior to project completion a pro-rata payment may be applicable on any project that is more than 50% complete (as determined by PD) for time spent on the project before the cancellation notice was received. In the event of project cancellation PD retains ownership of all original artwork and therefore cannot be reproduced by anyone else.  


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important. PD respects your privacy and personal details. Any information supplied to PD during the design process will be solely used for that purpose and not disclosed to any third parties without written consent of the client. Your email address will be added to the PD mailing list in order to keep you up-to-date on PD availability around busy periods. You are welcome to unsubscribe from this list at any time.


Acceptance of PD Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of these terms happen automatically by payment of the deposit or verbal agreement to collaborate after receival of this document. 


Closing Statement

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms and conditions. If you have any queries please get in touch with Prayana Design. This agreement is made between you, the client, and PD.


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