Brand Identity and Custom Website
for Eenje Percival

Out of natural curiosity and inner knowing Eenje has always delved into spirituality and has done many courses, read books, learned from many others and now took the plunge to start her own practice for spiritual coaching. She approached us after we got recommended to her by one of our former clients.


For her logo she was drawn to explore the symbol of a compass. As she saw herself as a person to give direction to her clients. With her connection to the sun and the stars the combination of all three turned out to be a perfect match. A minimalistic symmetrical logo, contemporary but far from boring. Eenje was delighted with the results!

Healing  & Reading


Eenje requested a one page website and had a vision to create a from heaven to earth experience, scrolling through her different offerings.
We choose to create a background gradient going from galaxy to desert.
Matching the colours she chose for her brand identity. This turned out exceptionally well.

Her website was created in August 2021 and two years later we have done a big update.
We still feel it is one of the most beautiful websites we have made to date!