Brand Identity, Custom Website & Canva templates for Jorinde Hasselt

Jorinde sees life as a dynamic dance. “Not everything in life can be controlled, but the aim is to learn to dance with the circumstances that life has to offer. I feel that people are too stuck in frameworks and it is time for a change. Working together with the stream, humanity, nature, the universe creates magic in life.”

Her aim is to guide people who are either looking for change in their lives, are already well on their way in their development or people who are stuck in society.

Enerywork & consciousness development


Very important for Jorinde is to really be a bridge between heaven and earth
so that everything is accessible and understandable for different people.
That’s what we aimed to transmit in her branding and website.

Soft down to earht colours, complementing her dreamy but playful images and a logo that symbolises the sun,
moon, everything inbetween and a hint of movement.

“It was great to work with Jessica.
She was able to translate my ideas into images with ease and a beautiful website was created.
I am very grateful for the collaboration!”