Brand Identity, Stategy & Custom Website for Léonie Vaarhorst

Léonie is a yoga teacher and photographer and came to us for help to set up her photography business more professional with the important vision to keep it authentic and close to the heart. 

We guided Léonie in structuring her offerings and to get clarity on her vision, mission and the ideal clients that match with that. Then we created her branding and website that reflects her style and character, keeping in mind the kind of clients she wants to attract. 


A beautiful brand and website that gives a warm and delightful feeling and above all, excited to get in front of Léonies camera.

Photography that portrays essence & soul



“Jessica is a pleasant person. She feels and listens carefully to what you say and translates this in her own way, into a personalised and fitting logo & website. She takes you step by step through your own process of making choices, she inspires, thinks along, and makes you think. All in all, the whole process has resulted in a beautiful logo and website that makes me very happy every time I look at it.”