Rebranding Your Business: 4 Undeniable Signs You Can’t Ignore
“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.

Life, and with it your business, is constantly subject to change. Nothing stays the same. You and your company are always developing. And that means that your branding can also be in need of renewal.
Re-branding simply means: the process of changing your corporate image. You create a new identity for your business.

When do you know if it makes sense to adjust your current identity and make major changes? These four signs may prompt you to think about re-branding:

1. You have outgrown your current branding

2. You fail to differentiate yourself from your competition
3. Your current branding no longer appeals to your target group

4. You’ve made major changes to your business

Start by investigating why your current branding no longer suits you. Because of what signal do you think your business needs re-branding? It is a pitfall to just look at the design and corporate identity. It is very important to look deeper into this and to find the answer why you need re-branding.

Is your company still growing, but visual elements within your branding have become outdated? In that case you can think of a brand refresh. You focus more on the visual aspects of your branding. Think, for example, of new colours, an adapted website or the use of professional copywriting.

Do you wonder if your business is ready for a re-branding or refresh? Feel free to DM me. I would love to help you.



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