Brand Colours

Showing your true colours.

Why your business needs brand colours

From the first moment we open our eyes in the morning, we see colours. Colour is everywhere, whether it is on a peaceful nature walk, in a loud city environment, or your own house. So naturally, when you start a business, colour is a crucial part of your branding and will instantly give people a certain feeling when they come across your brand. By choosing brand colours you can tell your story without having to say a single word, and you can show off the unique strengths of your company.

Choosing brand colours

The thought of picking a few colours for your brand and sticking with them may seem overwhelming at first, but if you think it through, your brand colours will help you attract new customers. Even if you have no idea about brand colours yet, you probably know more than you think. For example, if you are starting a business with natural products, neon colours may not be the best choice for your brand. On the other hand, if you are starting a colourful children’s clothing line, brown or black will probably not show off what your brand is really about. We will give you a few simple steps to start choosing your colours and make sure that your business stands out for all
the right reasons!

Choose brand colours you like

When it comes to your own business, you want to choose a colour you actually like. If you hate the colour red, don’t use it. Using colours you don’t like will only make it harder to stick to them in the future.

However, simply using colours that are your ‘favourites’ would be a bit too simplistic. Liking the colour is the first step, but it is not all there is to it. Don’t pick a colour cause it’s trendy Trends come and go. That neon blue colour that is stylish today, can be considered ugly tomorrow. Choose colours that will not easily go out of style within the next year or so. Your business should be timeless, whether it is colourful or minimalistic. Go for colours that represent your business and portray the image you want, that way you can never go wrong!

Specific colours and numbers

When it comes to brand colours, you have to be specific. Just saying you will use blue as a brand colour is not sufficient. There are thousands of different variations of every colour. Each colour has a specific code, when you use this code you know that this is the exact blue, red, or yellow that you have used before, and that is how you should pick a brand colour.

When it comes to the number of colours you will use, being specific is important as well. Having too many or too few colours can make your brand needlessly complicated. You need to be able to have a versatile yet recognisable brand. When it comes to the number of colours, do not pick more than six, or fewer than four.

Social media colours

When it comes to your online presence on social media, you should also stick to your brand colours. It may not seem that important to you to make sure that your Instagram feed or Facebook page is cohesive but this is crucial when it comes to branding. When you pick different colours for every social media post, your online presence can seem very chaotic or even unprofessional to customers. However, you can expand your brand colours a little bit for your social media with some lighter shades, to create a more peaceful feed. When you have four brand colours in your logo, packaging, or business cards, this may be ideal, but it may be too little for your feed. You can use two extra shades that are a little bit less prominent, to switch it up.

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