The biggest coaching do’s and don’ts for conscious entrepreneurs

Are you a conscious entrepreneur ready to help others but not quite sure how to provide your clients with the best possible service? Coaching services are becoming more popular and people are starting to see the true value of seeking expert help. Even though there is a higher demand for these services, many coaches still struggle. Do you want to become a successful coach? Read the biggest mistakes others make and what you can do differently to attract your dream clients.

Coaching don’ts

Difficult content

One of the main mistakes coaches (and other business owners) make is that they are presenting the information in a way that is too long and difficult to understand for potential clients. While all the technical details may be interesting to you, it can often leave others confused. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience, so you better find a way that triggers them to keep reading. Your content needs to be powerful and dynamic. The use of power-words in your content can be a valuable source to appeal to more customers and to the Google search engines!

If you are not sending a clear and understandable message with your content, your potential customers will quickly bounce off your website to go elsewhere.

Not enough content

The second mistake many people make is the opposite of mistake number one. Instead of creating content that is too much and too technical, you decide to keep it short, too short! While it is a good idea to keep things sweet and simple, there has to be SOMETHING there. Why would a potential customer chose your business if you are showing them none of your unique services and skills? Try to present them a reason why they should chose you!

Trying to fit in

While seeking inspiration in other businesses with similar services is a great way to start, you have to make sure you are showing people YOUR business, and not a copy of an existing one. Try to stand out from your competitors both with unique design and content. You do not have to use the same colours, fonts or images other people are using! 

When you are offering a service, it is important to show your personality, since every person has unique traits. You want to appeal to clients who identify with your story, so dont be afraid to tell it! By letting potential clients know how you started your business and which struggles you had to overcome, you can show them exactly how you could help them overcome theirs. As a coach, it is important to show people that they can relate to you.

Coaching do’s

Show don’t tell

Entrepreneurs offering a service often make the mistake of telling people too many complicated details about their business, as we said in our coaching donts. But what can you do instead? The key is to show instead of telling. You may wonder how you can do that, and the answer is more simple than you might think. A great way of showing is through video, audio or photography! Instead of explaining in detail how one of your workshops goes, why not record part of one and put it online? If you offer a yoga class, meditation class or any other service, a video of you talking about the process could be an option as well. People like to put a face with a company, so show them who you are!

Transparency and authenticity

As we mentioned before, it is important to show who is behind the business. A faceless company can feel very cold, corporate and inauthentic, things you definitely do not want as a conscious entrepreneur. You want people to put trust in you, to feel warm and welcome. By clearly showing what your companys mission is, who you are and why you want to offer this service, people will be more trusting. Honesty is key! Perfect people and businesses do not exist. Showing your struggles can create a bond with customers because it lets them know you are also human, and as a coach, being relatable and sharing your personal thoughts can be a powerful tool. Dont be afraid to show your face on the homepage of your website. That way you are making virtual eye-contact with potential clients as soon as they visit your website.

Define your niche

When people just start out with their business, they want to appeal to everyone. While you want to get as many customers as possible, defining your target audience as everyone will only hurt your business. Try to be specific in what your niche is and who your dream clients are and focus on that.   

When creating content and products it is important to design with your target audience in mind. Think about what they want to see and hear from you. By defining your audience, you make it easier for yourself to set up a relatable and successful business.

By following these simple dos and donts you are already on the right path of becoming a successful coach within your desired field. We hope these tips and tricks can guide you on your journey of becoming a successful conscious entrepreneur. 

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