How to effortlessly write your website texts

Your website is your chance to show your customers who you are and what you do. And more importantly how you can help them. You don’t want to risk missing out on that opportunity. An even bigger challenge for the conscious entrepreneur. Because, in addition to your own value, you also want to share your mission to improve the world. Often you want to tell your customers something different than they want to hear.

Carefully consider which information is of value to your customer. This way you prevent customers from becoming overwhelmed and unable to find what they are looking for. In this article I will tell you why, as a conscious entrepreneur, you cannot do without clear web texts. I will give you 3 inspiring tips and a handy checklist so that you no longer get overwhelmed by your web texts.


#1 First things first

Choose your tone of voice. Are you a breathwork coach? Make sure you talk that way! Are you a spiritual healer? Then write your website texts based on this style. This way, your customers will not only feel addressed by the subject, but also by your tone of voice. Be consistent when writing and decide before you start whether you write in the first or third person (example: “I help you” and “she helps you”).


#2 What do you actually want to say?

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”. -Jim Rohn-

Will people still be reading online in 2023? Sure, but different! Your website texts are quickly scanned by your customers. Does it make them curious? Then they will make the effort to read your text. Is the text cluttered or do the subtitles not appeal? Your customer will just click away. These three subjects will help to make your text clear and stimulating:

Without titles and subtitles, your text becomes a pile of words. Use titles, subtitles and white space to make your text clear. Use titles for every two or three paragraphs. This way you help your customer easily scan and process your text. Make sure your titles reflect the content but challenge your customer to continue reading.

You lose your reader with long paragraphs. There are many rules for making good paragraphs, but for web texts no longer than 6 to 7 lines. This way you take the customer step by step through your text.

Your sentences are most enjoyable to read if they vary in length. Test the readability of your text by reading aloud. Or even better, have someone else read your texts aloud! Don’t you stumble over your own words? Then it is also understandable for your customer!


#3  What makes it count?

Easy Peasy! Your text should be long enough to get your message across and short enough for your customers to enjoy. I would like to explain this to you. Developments in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are constantly changing. The question of how much text you need to be visible is not easy to answer. The statement that more text gives a search engine more context is only true if your text is valuable. Start from your own strength. Write your texts with the aim of reaching your customer. Make sure you know which keywords your customers use and use them in your text. With the aim of showing you value to your customer, but also to be visible in searches. Nobody is waiting for a lengthy text without value. Choose quality over quantity.

Has this article inspired you? Are you going to start writing (or rewriting) your website texts? Then I have a practical checklist for you here!

  1. Have you simply and clearly described the steps your customer needs to start working with you?
  2. Have you included enough facts and figures in your texts to emphasise your value and expert status?
  3. Are you sure that your customer knows how important your service or product is after reading your text?
  4. Did you use sources? Then make sure you quote it properly and add links if necessary.
  5. Have you checked and proofread the spelling and grammar?
  6. Have you added a Call To Action? Ask your customer for the action that is needed!

And then my Call to Action! Are you still feeling overwhelmed by your web texts? Apply to work with us here and let me help you! I look forward to meeting you.




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