How to Create Websites That Convert Visitors Into Clients

Your website is the online heart of your business. It is (hopefully) one of the first things people find when they type in your business name. Since it is seen by a multitude of clients and potential clients, you want your website to be inviting and appealing. Not the easiest thing to do. Follow these easy steps in order to launch a coaching website that generates new clients and gets your business ready to take off! 

Homepage and navigation

The homepage is one of the most important pages of your website. Are a lot of people visiting your site but immediately turning away again? This means there might be something wrong with your website. This could be a number of things such as bad design, complicated navigation or just an unclear message.

In a few seconds people should be able to tell what your website is about and how to navigate through the pages. With clear call to action buttons so your visitor can join your newsletter, buy your service, or contact you, your website becomes a pleasure to visit.

A coach’s website must be easy to navigate. Other than a landing page, it should include a contact form and and be easy to update. Your goal for the site should be to convert visitors into leads or clients, not to waste their time. We know you likely want people to buy your product or service, but to accomplish that you need to focus on giving value first! Show your potential clients how your product or service can be valuable to them.

Adding a picture of yourself to the header will allow you to connect with your potential clients on a personal level.

Photography & Copy

Photos are essential to any business but especially to a coaching business. Many other types of business websites get by with using stock images, but in order to inspire trust and show your personality, a coaching business needs photography! 

Investing in a good photographer can put your business ahead of the competition. It may seem like a big cost, but a photographer who can capture the style and character of your business with quality pictures is an investment that will deliver results later on! Update your photos frequently, especially when the website is new. You should take a few minutes to upload new images on your website. Consider uploading pictures of yourself, staff, workshops and the services you offer.

The same principle goes for copy! You want your business to inspire people. You want people to feel like they know you. This is something that can be hard to do, since the right words are not always easy to find. If you are not familiar with writing copy and sales texts, it might be time to hire a professional. But don’t lose hope just yet, the following trick might just help you get there!

Power words

Power words are words with strong meanings and can be used to trigger an emotional response in the reader. A power word can inspire curiosity, excitement or a sense of urgency. Using words like free, limited, new, need, how to or critical can become a call-to-action and turn your potential clients into actual clients!

The use of power words in your communications such as blogs, social media posts, and newsletters will bring you guaranteed more engagement from your audience and a higher chance they will actually read what you have to say.  

The use of SEO is also a valuable tool to appeal to more customers and to the Google search engines! SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is the use of certain words and phrases, integrated in your website, to improve your appearance and positioning of your website in organic search results.

Website as a selling tool

A lot of coaches use their website as a lead generation tool, but they often miss the opportunity to make their website an effective selling tool.

If you are thinking about how to create an eye-catching website for your coaching business, here are some tips that may help you out.

To create a website that converts visitors to actual clients, there are some key points to take into account:

  • The design of the site should be inviting and easy on the eyes. This will make people want to stay and explore more about your business or research solutions they need for their problem.

  • Content is king! It’s important not only for search engine optimization, but also because it reflects who you are as a coach and what you can offer people.

  •  Consistency is key! A professional looking website with content that only appears every three months will be considered suspicious by many potential clients. 

You may be hesitant to give away your knowledge and expertise for free but a freebie on your website can go a long way in attracting new clients. While it doesn’t have to be something big, your freebie needs to show your client that you are in fact willing to help them, so make sure it is useful!


Another way to increase the visibility of your website is through linkbuilding. With linkbuilding you link to different websites and pages, both internally and externally. You can link to other businesses you admire, but also to and from your own social media account! Google wants your website to be talked about. When the algorithm sees that you (or other people) are linking your website, it sees this as a good sign. You can even link to other pages on your own website! Do you have a blog? Incorporate a link to a previous, related post you did. That way you can lead traffic to older posts as well, making your website more popular.

Did you get a satisfied customer? Ask them to leave a review, send them a questionnaire for a testimonial or ask them to link and refer to your page! Happy customers attract new customers.

— Not confident in your own web-developing skills? Hire someone to take care of your business and website. This way, you make sure that your business contains all the elements needed to make your coaching website a success! —

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